What we have achieved

The "Day of Democracy" impeded a neo-Nazi rallye at the war cemetary in Halbe

Empowering citizens’ initiatives

Citizens are often the first ones to engage with the pressing problem of right-wing extremism in our municipalities. Such service to the community is, however, not always recognized. The Action Alliance provides a framework for the mutual empowerment of citizens’ initiatives. A growing number of people is encouraged to speak up against racism and violence. We have developed into a network of no less than 59 organizations.

Protest against right-wing extremists

Delegates of the far-right DVU party sat in the Brandenburg parliament for close to ten years. Wherever far-right parties staged an appearance during the 2009 electoral campaign, we were there to protest against them. That is one of the reasons why there are no more Nazis in our parliament today. Providing the public with information on their dangerous ideology has proven to weaken the far right.

Speaking up for refugees

We have being calling for the regional state government to include a hardship case clause in the Immigration Act. To this end, a working group constituted by members of the Action Alliance drafted a proposal for a hardship-case committee. Such a committee was created provisionally by the federal state government in 2005. In 2009, the committee was made a permanent institution.

Promoting awareness of Nazi war crimes

Right-wing extremists have, by way of demonstrations, been attempting for many years to ideologically appropriate Germany’s largest military cemetery in the town of Halbe. In response to this, the Action Alliance has cooperated with a local citizens' coalition to organize protest events, some of which were attended by several thousand people. In 2009, a commission of experts set up by the Action Alliance provided the regional state government with recommendations on the creation of a memorial site in Halbe.