Who we are

Protesters close in a right-wing extremist demonstration in Potsdam, 2009

Action Alliance against Violence, Right-Wing Extremism and Xenophobia

We are a network of organizations, local citizens‘ initiatives and prominent individuals from the federal state of Brandenburg, the region surrounding Berlin. We are acting together to promote the mobilization of civil society against violence, right-wing extremism and xenophobia.

The Action Alliance was founded by 29 organizations in 1997, in response to the worrying development of right-wing organizational structures and hate crimes. Currently, our network comprises 63 member organizations from numerous areas of society. 

What we do

  • We pass on practical knowledge on responding to right-wing extremists, e.g. by distributing guidebooks.
  • We inspire others to do their part politically, e.g. by means of action funds or by distributing pamphlets featuring arguments against far-right propaganda.
  • We address racism and discrimination, e.g. by means of public events organized across the federal state.
  • We elaborate political proposals such as the creation of a hardship-case committee for refugees or concerning the future configuration of Germany’s largest military cemetery in Halbe.
  • We circulate experiences gathered within local initiatives by organizing regional meetings and promoting regional networking, in addition to organizing common activities. 
  • We support local activities and projects financially.

How we work

Plenary sessions attended by all members are held twice annually. During these plenary sessions, we discuss current political issues and reach decisions on future initiatives and campaigns. A directorate consisting of seven persons is elected by the plenary session biannually; the directorate acts as representative of the action alliance.

Heilgard Asmus, the general superintendent of Cottbus parish and the representative of the Evangelical Church of Berlin, Brandenburg and Silesian Upper Lusatia,  has been chairing the directorate since 2008. 

Our branch office is located on the premises of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in Potsdam. The work of the branch office is funded by the federal state of Brandenburg. The branch office staff provides advice and support to the members and to the directorate of the Action Alliance.